Happy Mother’s Day

God loves all His children. True. Sometimes, though, I think He might have a special place in His heart for mothers. Think of all the mothers in the Bible: Sarah, Leah and Rachel, Hannah, and, of course, Mary.

I thought of God and mothers this week when I sat in my Bible study and watched a mother hold her beautiful little daughter. The bright-eyed baby gazed over her mother’s shoulder taking in all her surroundings. Of course, then my mind journeyed to my four babies, the last two of whom are graduating from high school in less than four weeks.

I didn’t expect the emotions that swelled in my chest, but they prevented me from singing the first hymn. The leader announced the next one, Rock of Ages, a song I sometimes hummed while I rocked my babies. Fresh tears pooled in my eyes.

I learned that we were expecting twins during my five-month sonogram. What a wonderful surprise. Outside the exam room, my husband waited for the invitation to enter after the preliminary checks. I had several minutes to contemplate the spectacular news by myself. I vacillated between giggles and tears. I wondered how two more babies would fit in with our two little girls at home. My brother and sister-in-law already expected twins. Two sets of twins in the family?

Fast forward eighteen years. I’ve mentioned in this blog my sons’ pursuing acceptance to the service academies. In December, I received a call from one of our senators that Quinn was receiving a nomination for West Point. The administrator called because of the “twin thing” he said and to find a time to contact Quinn directly. I had the news for several hours before Quinn heard, a sweet time of savoring words like “stellar interview” and “fine, young man.”

Five months later, I received a call from our congresswoman’s office. This liaison also wanted a time to call Quinn. Before she actually said the words, she made me promise not to tell him. Congresswoman Ellmers wanted to deliver the news herself.

My heart was already full because I knew what the call meant, but the tears didn’t come until she said, “Quinn is going to West Point next fall.”

I kept the secret—even from my husband—from 10:15 until 6:15. Eight hours to ponder the ramifications of attending West Point and becoming a soldier. Realizing his dream had come true. Contemplating his brother who was medically disqualified for asthma. Thinking of the craziness in North Korea.

What gifts God gives to mothers—crushing hugs and sticky kisses, crumpled, construction paper cards and bouquets of dandelions, “Mom, these burger bundles are fantastic!” and sweet, powerful secrets. Another mother comes to mind who “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:20).

Thank You, God, for the gift of motherhood.


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