Persisting #2

This week’s post is late, but I have a good excuse: I’m still recovering from changing to the dreaded Daylight Savings Time. I hate losing that hour every year. It doesn’t matter that we get it back in the fall. I want it now.

I can’t believe that people actually agreed to go along with this exercise in sleep deprivation years ago, and now we continue to follow along because the media and church signs tell us to “Spring Forward.”

I always wonder about residents in those small places that don’t change the time. Part of me wants to cheer, “Way to be a rebel! Good for you! Enjoy that hour that we don’t get.” The other part of me just wonders, “How do you make that work?” Not changing clashes with their regular time zone.  It has to be confusing.

So today’s post is late and a continuation of last week’s thoughts about persisting in difficulties. My difficulty this week is yawning incessantly and trying to type with blurry eyes. Lane and Quinn, however, are still struggling with questions about their futures.

“God always works for His children’s best interests.” That statement is a paraphrase from one of my Bible study lessons. I wrote it in Lane’s journal this week.  Here’s the whole paragraph from the journal:

I know you feel like you’re spinning around with no direction, but God has allowed this difficulty in your life for a reason and for your good. I know that’s hard to believe right now, but it’s true because God always works for our best.”

I love being able to share God’s truth with my children.

I love writing journals for them, too. Next time, I’ll write about journals.


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