Doing Hard Things

We’re doing hard things at our house this fall.

Kevin is trying to finance the fourth segment of his development project. Asking people for money is never a popular undertaking. Lately, it seems impossible.

After many, many years in the same position, my employment post is being phased out because of downsizing. I have about eight and a half months left on my contract of a hands-on, every day, full-time mom. When our sons graduate from high school next June, I’ll need a new focus. I’ve been dipping my fingertips into a new, scary pond for a year or so in preparation of that time. I’m laying the foundation now so that I’ll be ready for new beginnings next summer.

My oldest daughter is a senior in college and is preparing for her senior fashion show next April. Along with doing the work for her regular classes, she has to create—from the idea, to the pattern, to the garment—fifteen original outfits. The stress is already racing her heart.

My second daughter is learning to acclimate to a new environment. After a gap year in which she interned with a youth ministry in Texas, she’s now a college freshman. New faces, new expectations, new requirements, new challenges clamor to steal her joy.

Our twin sons are applying for colleges. They have their hearts set on attending either Westpoint or the Naval Academy. The application process alone is a tremendous mountain with several essays for each academy, interviews, physical tests, and maintaining great grades and participating in sports as well as community activities. Their days are long, beginning at six or six thirty and ending maybe by ten at night.

We’ve had many conversations about completing the task at hand and overcoming stress. Over the next few posts, I’ll share some tips we’re using at our house. I hope they help you, too.


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