Leap Day

I’ve been reading a wonderful year-long devotional, but the editors left out a devotion for February 29. Today is Leap Day, so I didn’t have a devotion to read. I decided to grab my copy of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling from two years ago. I loved that devotional and was sad when I finished that book.

I planned on reading February 28th’s and March 1st’s entries just for good measure, but when I opened the pages to February, I found a devotion for the 29th. Imagine my excitement.

Imagine my elevated excitement when I read the first lines: “You are on the right path. Listen more to Me and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you.”

Sarah Young wrote those words years ago for anybody who happened to read them, but today, for me, those were God’s words regarding my writing path.

In the quietness that accompanies most writers, battling doubts can sometimes be a daily struggle. Is this the right word? Does this sentence make sense? Does this description sound stupid?

It’s hard to hear the good words for the distracting doubts banging on trash can lids; however, God in His Sovereignty knows my battle, and loves me, and helps me.

What a wonderful thumbs up from God this morning. What a wonderful pat on my back. I’m walking on His path, and I love it.

Happy Leap Day.


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  1. Isn’t it great when you feel that God is really speaking to you, and … ta da … you heard Him!!! Thanks for sharing this, Hope!

  2. Thanks for reading and for commenting, Sue.

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