Red Ribbon Crocheting

I enjoy crocheting. My grandmother taught me when I was in elementary school. After ignoring this art form for several years (decades, really), I started again and introduced my daughters to it. Members of my church and I started a prayer shawl ministry and taught several people (all ages and genders) to crochet.

Last year I entered three items in our state fair but didn’t win anything. This year, I entered five items: a moss green prayer shawl, a periwinkle sweater, a teal vest, a cloche hat and neck warmer crocheted from some fabulous purple-hued wool I bought four summers ago in Ireland. The prayer shawl won a red, second place ribbon. Yea. Thank you, Granny, for teaching me to crochet.

The others didn’t place but received some interesting comments: nice stitching, good color, hat needs bigger band to be secure on head, and too heavy for a collar–the last item is too heavy for a collar. That’s why it’s a neck warmer. It couldn’t be a scarf because I didn’t have enough yarn. I barely had enough to finish both the hat and the warmer and make the two swatches that proved they were hand-crafted and not store-bought.

Anyway, I’m excited for my award-winning shawl and am already thinking about what to enter next year. I have two skeins of red Irish wool and three skeins of wool I hand dyed at a Johnston County sheep farm last spring. So much yarn. So little time.


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