5K #2

I’m scheduled to run my second 5k on Saturday, October 15. I ran my first one last June and accomplished my goal of running the entire course–no stopping to catch my breath as some people I refuse to name did. I finished in a respectable time of 34:16 and figured my running days were over.

No such luck. My sons kept asking me if I had run almost every day in the weeks that followed. They eventually picked up on the no-run vibe I was sending and quit harrassing me.

But now I’m registered for my second one. Why? That’s a valid question. I have four reasons.

1. The run is supporting a good cause–the Princeton Fire Department.

2. If I can successfully complete this one, the first one won’t be a fluke.

3. If I can successfully complete this one, I can say I’ve run 5kssssss–in the plural.

4. Plus, I like making my children–all four runners–proud of me.

After this run, however, I’m thinking I’ll hang up my running shoes. I’d rather swim, or ride a bike, or walk, or read a book, or crochet, or eat a piece of chocolate cake, or–really just about anything besides running. It’s not fun. Until Saturday.


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